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Hedges and other shrubbery can beautify any property, adding a touch of sophistication and class. Professional landscapers and Realtor's know that a properly landscaped home not only adds beauty, it also adds value to the property.                                                                                                                                                          When it come's to your Lawn care and landscape needs Apple Tree Lawncare has skilled trained Professionals that are train by the Owner Him self to insure that every thing from proper turf height to professional shrub grooming is done in a professional manner,                                                                                                                                                                                                     Apple Tree Lawncare takes all things serious when it comes to lawn care ensuring that your Yard brings you Tranquility for years to come.                                                                                                                                                                              Below is a another  lawn cared for by Apple Tree Lawncare see how happy my granddaughter is , with our lawn maintenance program you will be happy as well !   All picture's are of Apple Tree Lawncare's work.     Apple Tree Lawncare .  ©2012

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To our Clients we offer a wide variety, Lawn maintenance, landscape design, landscape reconstruction, Sprinkler repair , Tree care, Reseeding, Sod, Apple Tree Lawncare is dedicated In making your yard a comfortable and relaxing place for you and your family to enjoy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Xeri-scape Custom Landscape Design With proven tactics from proper placement and perfect Creativity , Choose your lawn maintenance program that fits your Budget . We have several Lawn care, lawn maintenance programs from full service lawn care to full scale landscape maintenance, Monthly ,Weekly and bi-weekly lawn maintenance services available ,                                                                                                                                                                                       All work is Guaranteed . We even have a Guarantee on  all of our lawn care, tree care, lawn maintenance . We are the Lawn Care, Landscape maintenance and S-Scale landscape Professionals in Modesto, Ca. that make it happen We are the Professional Independent Contractors !                                                                                                                       

               Lawn Maintenance and Landscape by Apple Tree Lawn care

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                                     Lawn and Garden Maintenance Definitions

Nowadays millions of residential homeowners and commercial businesses hire lawn and garden maintenance services to assist with landscaping tasks and lawn care. After all, yard and garden care often requires serious time and effort. Luckily there are landscape design specialists and other experts in most areas that know how to properly maintain lawns, mow grass, and plant bulbs. Take a look at the helpful terms and definitions listed below in order to acquire a good understanding of this unique business.

  • Landscape Design – This is the business or field of maintaining lawns and gardens. It often involves yard work, tree trimming, installing hardscapes, and mowing grass.
  • Irrigation System – This is a type of piping or tubing system that is buried beneath the topsoil, and utilizes sprinkler heads in different parts of the yard. This way the system can be set on a timer, and water the grass when needed.
  • Fertilizer – A natural or chemical based substance that is typically added to gardens, plants, and lawns in order to improve fertility, and aid with overall growth.
  • Mow – To trim grass with a bladed machine. Many people do this weekly or biweekly so that the lawn stays short and neatly trimmed.
  • Hardscape – Any type of outdoor hard surfacing that is added to a yard or property. This can consist of a concrete patio, brick walkway, or tiled surface around a swimming pool.
  • Topsoil – The top layer of soil or dirt that is found beneath the grass or lawn.
  • Tree Trimming Service – This is a professional landscaping business that specializes in trimming trees of various types and sizes. This is often done when trees get too large or collide with homes and power lines.


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    REVIEW James Morris of Apple Tree Lawncare worked on my front and back yards recently. He and his assistant, Steve, completely cleaned up the yard by pruning 3 fruit tree, trimming all the shrubs, adding a couple of sprinkler heads to the front lawn and aerating and fertilizing the lawn also. Some artistic touches were added too. The rosemary bush was trimmed with the base being revealed as it resembles the base of an ancient bonsai tree with all the delicate twists and turns. Also, Steve transplanted (and divided) my father's favorite cactus plant to create a special cactus garden in the backyard. A neighbor was so impressed with the work being done that he hired James to prune 5 trees in his backyard. My yards are so beautiful now that I have hired Apple Tree Lawncare to maintain the landscape on a regular monthly From Susan Silva in Modesto, CA -- September 14, 2011.


    REVIEW William Teaney August 22, 2011 James Morris of Appletree Lawncare & Landscape came out & did both our front & backyards which had been sorely neglected for 9 months. They did a fabulous job. James has a keen eye & is a perfectionist. His crew is knowledeable & efficient. Our yards look like they belong in Sunset Magazine. If you want it done and to look picture perfect, James is you man. Mr. William Teaney- Ceres, Ca. 8-22-11


    REVIEW 5/5 stars July 25, 2011 James showed up and was able to fix the defective sprinkler valve in no time. He was also able to offer some very helpful suggestions for our backyard and we will be using his service again very soon to hopefully re-work and replace our sprayer system in the back also! Jenny


    Review Lawncare Review Rating: (4 stars) "Apple Tree Lawncare did an amazing job on my neglected yard. James works hard to keep the yard looking nice and is on top of anything that needs fixed. I would recommend him if you need lawn service." From: Cynthia Radford of Escalon, CA on July 14, 2011


    Review Made it right Apple Tree installed new sod in my yard. I quickly noticed the sod was not right; the sod turned brown and looked unhealthy. It was determined the supplier sold us a bad lot. James and Apple Tree responded promptly and returned to take out the bad sod and installed new, green, and healthy sod. I'm very pleased. Angelo G. modesto July 02, 2011 by Angelo G. in Modesto, CA Merchant Response: "Thank you for the Review / Apple tree lawncare Guarantee's all our work. " - July 03, 2011

    www.merchantcircle.com/business /Apple.Tree.Lawncare..209-416-1858

    REVIEW May 17, 2011 I hired Apple Tree Lawncare several months ago and my yard looks amazing! Personable and great service! I referred my neighbors, friends and family (something I don't do unless I am confident in the service) and we all are happy! Thanks for doing such a great job and the pricing is awesome as well! Shane


    REVIEW Janmarie J Wed May 04, 2011 Apple Tree Lawn Service - Five Star Service As a customer of only two months, I can attest to the outstanding five star service Apple Tree Lawn Care has provided. My front and back yards are "picture perfect". I appreciate the care and the depth of landscaping knowledge James provides. He can quickly identify when your lawn requires fertilizing or roses need to be sprayed for affaids. He shares information to assist you in caring for your yard and makes recommendations to make it look it's best. He and his assistant AJ are friendly, dependable, courteous and very professional. If you want a five star picture perfect lawn, I highly recommend Apple Tree Lawn Service. Janmarie, A Very Satisfied Customern


    REVIEW Kimber Maguire Mar 23, 2011 James and his team are the best. Our family and dogs love them. They have love and passion in their work. They are very detailed and communicate very well with us. We hired them on Feb 1st. James and his team took extra time working on our house the first couple of services. Our front and back yard look beautiful. We had a Gopher problem in the front yard and now they are gone. Apple Tree lawncare did their magic. I highly recommend James to anyone that has a business or a home or who owns property. If you want it done right call "Apple Tree Lawncare & Landscape.


    REVIEW Level 1 Shane J Mon Feb 28, 2011 Appletree Lawn Care A++++++ I hired Apple Tree about two weeks ago is all. The level or service, knowledge, and hard work is outstanding! I could not have made a better decision! They now take care of my front and back yard, and it looks 120% better than before. The service I fired before hiring Appletree Lawn Care does not even come close to the perfection and attention to detail that Apple Tree provides. Thank you Appletree!


    Review Ken and Gail Feb 20, 2011 We contracted Apple Tree a few months ago and are very happy with the quality of their work and the professionalism with which they care for our lawn and shrubs. But above all, the yard looks great! They are courteous and very good about communicating with us what options we have regarding the best methods they can use to produce the best results to beautify our yard. We highly recommend their service.


    REVIEW Great work Looks great thank for the service I will use Apple tree lawncare for all my landscape need's . My place has never looked better ! Chris January 01, 2011 by christopher in Modesto, CA

    www.merchantcircle.com/business/ Apple.Tree.Lawncare..209-416-1858

    Review Great Work Rating: (5 starYour the Best ) Thank you James Morris You have done a wonderful job landscaping my yard. The best thing I done was Hiring Apple Tree Lawncare to do my Landscaping they have the best design's i ever encountered now i have a place to relax.Your the best .Thanks Carisa P.S the pic's of my yard on here look wonderful December 16, 2010 by Carisa in Modesto, CA

    www.merchantcircle.com/business/ Apple.Tree.Lawncare..209-416-1858

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